North Tulsa Community Gardens Network (NTCGN)

What is a community garden?

“A community garden is a plot of land collectively gardened and cultivated by a group of people or an organization. The land may be an individual plot or shared plots under public or private ownership. Community gardens are often used to produce fruit, vegetables, and/or ornamentals and can be found in neighborhoods, schools, connected to institutions such as hospitals, and on residential housing grounds” (CONNECT Our Future).


1. Ensure that the larger community is aware of active community gardens in north Tulsa

2. Increase the amount of goods directly harvested from the community gardens and distributed to the north Tulsa community.

3. Identify potential funding, donation, and collaborative opportunities for community gardens in north Tulsa.

Garden Partner (GP) Benefits: Free public listing on website, free social shares (non-monetary), volunteer pool, grant technical support, stakeholder support.

GP Expectations: Share knowledge and resources, networking among GPs and NGPs, and active engagement.

Non-Garden Partner (NGP) Benefits: Access to GPs, free listing as a network member, volunteer opportunities, and internship priority.

NGP Expectations: Act as a point of connection for GPs, actively share opportunities and resources, and provide tangible support to GPs (volunteerism, information sharing, etc.).

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